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Resident TLC Toolkit: Home

This Toolkit is designed to provide residents with resources for developing effective teaching skills.


Welcome to the Toolkit for the Wilkes Pharmacy Resident Teaching and Learning Certificate program.

Here you will find some quick and handy info to introduce you to Wilkes as well as a selection of resources to help you find information related to teaching roles, theory, and techniques and tools. Use the tabs above to navigate through the toolkit.

Need Help?


If you need assistance, ask me! 

The Pharmacy Information Center is located on the first floor of the Stark Learning Center, Room 106.  The hours of operation are:

Monday - Friday         8am-5:30pm  (during academic year)         Monday - Friday  8 - 4pm   (summers)

You can stop by, call, or email me.  You can also make an appointment for an extended research consultation.

(570) 408-4286

Subject Guide

John Stachacz