Evidence-Based Practice and Information Mastery: Books, Articles, Web Sites

A guide on the method of applying evidence-based practice to combat information overload and help the practitioner locate, evaluate and integrate the best information to improve the quality of care for the patient.


Rosser W, Slawson D, Shaughnessey AF, eds. Information Mastery: Evidence-based family medicine. 2nd edition. Hamilton Ontario: BC Decker, Inc; 2004


Evaluating Information Tutorial   Learn how to evaluate information found in books, articles and websites. (from Duke University Medical Center Library and Health Sciences Library, UNC-Chapel Hill)

Introduction to Evidence-Based Practice  Intended for any health care practitioner or student who needs a basic introduction to the principles of Evidence-Based Practice. (from Duke University Medical Center Library and Health Sciences Library, UNC-Chapel Hill)


IM Concept

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Searching for Evidence

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Appraising the Evidence

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‚ÄčIncorporating IM into Practice

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