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Vancouver Referencing Guide: Numbered Reference List

A guide to the Vancouver referencing style commonly used in the biomedical sciences

References / Works Cited

Your Reference List should appear at the end of your paper with the entries numbered consecutively and in the order in which they were cited in your paper.  Give the number without any parentheses.  Punctuation marks and spaces are very important.  Note the placement of the period at the end of the abbreviation and the spacing in this example:

      1.  Lindenmeyer A, Hearnshaw H, Vermeire E, Van Royen P, Wens J, Biot Y. Interventions to improve adherence to medication in people with
           type 2 diabetes mellitus: a review of the literature on the role of pharmacists. J Clin Pharm Ther. 2006;31(5):409-19.

Head your page “References” and set it flush with the left margin. 

Type the appropriate number for the source, follow by a period and 2-3 spaces and then begin typing the citation. The text of the second and subsequent lines of each citation should align with the text of the first line.

Begin a new line for each numbered reference.  Do not skip lines between references. 

Do not place book and journal titles in italics or quotation marks. The titles of journals should be abbreviated according the style used in Medline/PubMed. See "Journal Title Abbreviations" for more details.