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Vancouver Referencing Guide: Brochures, Pamphlets, Reports and Other Individual Titles

A guide to the Vancouver referencing style commonly used in the biomedical sciences

Print Brochures, Pamphlets, Reports and Other Individual Titles

Various types of writing are similar to books in that they are stand alone or are complete in and of themselves. These may be reports or manuals but they may also be smaller works such as a brochure/pamphlet, a single-page fact sheet, a report, a document, or a brief treatise/paper.  

While all of these monographs have certain elements in common for citation purposes, such as author, title, publisher information, and date, specific types may have additional elements. For example, a citation to a technical report may include report or contract numbers.

Reports from government bodies such as agencies, departments, etc. are included in this type of citation with the exception of reports from legislative bodies (House of Representatives or Senate). For those, see Legislative Materials.

As with books, if the organization is both author and publisher, the name used for the publisher may be abbreviated; e.g., “The University” OR “The Association.”

Standard Format:

Author(s).  Title of work [medium, if not identified elsewhere in citation]. Edition (if other than first). Place of publication: Publisher; Year of publication. Numerical identifier, if applicable.

      Medium = form such as pamphlet, document, report, fact sheet, etc.


Pharmaceutical Society of Australia. Medicines and driving [pamphlet]. Sydney: PharmaceuticalSociety of Australia; 1998.

Horn R. Business skills [brochure]. Tampa (FL): MacMillian; 2010.

Leatherwood S. Whales, dolphins, and porpoises of the western North Atlantic. Washington: U.S. Dept. of Commerce; 2001. Report number: 63.

Yen GG. Health monitoring on vibration signatures. Final report. Arlington (VA): Air Force Office of Scientific Research (US), Air Force Research Laboratory; 2002 Feb. Report No.: AFRLSRBLTR020123.

Fuller PL, Nico LG, William JD. Nonindigenous fishes introduced into inland waters of the United States. Bethesda (MD): American Fisheries Society; 1999. Special Publication 27.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Pressure ulcers in adults: Prediction and prevention. Rockville (MD): The Department, 1992. AHCPR Publication No. 92-0047.

Individual Titles on the Internet

The fact that many of these individual documents appear in PDF format and can stand alone helps to differentiate them from parts or pages of a website which are usually tagged as HTML, ASPX, etc. files.

Standard Format:

Author(s).  Title of work [medium on the Internet]. Edition (if other than first). Place of publication: Publisher; Year of publication [updated/revised date; cited date]. Report information, if applicable. Available from: URL.

      Medium = form such as pamphlet, document, report, fact sheet, etc.


Collins SR, Kriss JL, Davis K, et al. Squeezed: why rising exposure to health care costs threatens the health and financial well-being of American families [report on the Internet]. New York: Commonwealth Fund; 2006 Sep [cited 2013 Nov 2]. Available from: http://www.cmwf.org/usr_doc/Collins_squeezedrisinghltcarecosts_953.pdf

The Writing Center. Run-on Sentences [document on the Internet]. Colorado Springs (CO): University of Colorado; 2013 May [cited 2013 Nov 6]. Available from: http://www.uccs.edu/Documents/wrtgcntr/Run%20On%20Sentences.pdf

Cancer of the thyroid [brochure on the Internet]. [place unknown]: The American Thyroid Association; 2012 [cited 2013 Nov 7]. Available from http://www.thyroid.org/patients/brochures/ThyroidCancer_brochure.pdf

Facts about the Death Penalty [factsheet on the Internet]. Washington: Death Penalty Information Center; [updated 2013 Oct 30; cited 2013 Nov 7]. Available from: http://www.deathpenaltyinfo.org/documents/FactSheet.pdf

Technical report for the price and purity of illicit drugs: 1981 through the second quarter of 2003 [report on the Internet]. Washington: Executive Office of the President (US), Office of National Drug Control Policy; 2004 Nov [cited 2013 Nov 3]. Report No. NCJ 207769. Available from: http://www.whitehousedrugpolicy.gov/publications/price_purity_tech_rpt/price_purity_tech_rpt.pdf

Matas D, Kilgour D. Report into allegations of organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners in China [report on the Internet]. [unknown]: David Kilgour; 2006 Jul 6 [cited 2013 Nov 3]. Available from: http://www.david-kilgour.com/2006/Kilgour-Matas-organ-harvesting-rpt-July6-eng.pdf

The electronic health record in practice: why, how, and what next? Site visit report [report on the Internet]. Washington: George Washington University, National Health Policy Forum; 2006 Sep 26 [cited 2013 Nov 3]. Available from: http://www.nhpf.org/library/site-visits/SV_EHR_09-26-06.pdf

Ziglio E, Barbosa R, Charpak Y, et al., editors. Health systems confront poverty [report on the Internet]. Copenhagen: World Health Organization, Regional Office for Europe; 2003 [cited 2013 Nov 3]. Public Health Case Studies; no. 1. Available from: http://www.euro.who.int/document/e80225.pdf

Industrial Accident Prevention Association. Stress and satisfaction offset score: a self-assessment [document on the Internet]. Ontario: The Association; 2008 [cited 2013 Oct 25]. Available