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Distance Learners: Find Journal Articles

This guide is intended to help distance learners use Wilkes University's online library resources.

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Journal List

If you have an article citation, you can use the Journal List to see if Farley library has the journal.  Just type the journal title in the search box and click search.  If it is available, the journal title will appear along with a list of databases that it is accessible in.  Note the date ranges as these will determine if the specific issue of the journal is available

Finding Full-Text Articles

While many of our databases provide full text PDF's of articles, some only provide citation and abstract information. To find the full text of an article whose citation looks useful to you, check our Journal List to see if we subscribe to the journal through a different database than the one you are currently using. There are three ways to search the journal list.

1. Search Summon with the full-text limiter

Summon is aware of all full-text linked from the Journal List. Searching with the full-text limiter turned on will return only articles for which we have full-text available. If you have article citation, you should search by article title to retrieve that article in Summon. 

If we do not have full text access to the right issue of your journal, you can order the article for free through InterLibrary Loan. Articles usually arrive within 2 to 4 working days. See the Illiad FAQ for more information.

2. Visit the Journal List Directly

The Journal List is a database of all of Wilkes' journal subscriptions by journal title.* It will tell you which journals we subscribe to, what dates we have available, and provide a link to the full text of the journal. To find out if we have the article that you need, type the name of the journal that your article was published in into the search box (e.g. Journal of Education and Ethics in Nursing) and click search.

If we do not have full text access to the right issue of your journal, you can order the article for free through InterLibrary Loan. Articles usually arrive within 2 to 4 working days. See the Illiad FAQ for more information.

* ERIC Documents are not traditional journal publications, and it is not possible for us to include them in the journal list, however, most ERIC documents are available for free from the Department of Education. If the Journal List does not indicate that we have full text access to your article, carefully check the description of your article in ERIC to see if there is a link that says "Full Text from ERIC." ERIC Journals will be listed in the Journal List if we subscribe to them. See this video for an explanation of the difference between ERIC Journals and ERIC Documents.

3. Use the Wilkes Full Text button

When you use the full-text limiter in any database other than Summon, you will see only full-text results provided by that exact database, and exclude full-text provided by our 130 other databases. For this reason, we recommend that you only use the full-text limiter in Summon. When searching other databases, look for the the Wilkes full-text button shown above. This button will search the Journal List for your exact citation. If Wilkes has full text access to the issue of your journal that your article appears in, clicking the full text button should cause the article to open automatically. On rare occasions, clicking the link will send you to the homepage of the journal rather than the specific article. If this happens, you should be able to navigate through the journal's website to the correct volume and issue and get full text access.

If Wilkes does not have access to the article that you need, we can order it for you for no charge via InterLibrary Loan. Most articles can be ordered via Illiad by clicking the "Request via InterLibrary Loan" button at the bottom of the "Check for Wilkes Full Text" results screen. Once you are logged into your Illiad account, clicking this button will automatically populate your Illiad order form with your citation information. Articles usually arrive within 2 to 4 working days. See the Illiad FAQ for more information. 

Wilkes also has journal articles in print. Unfortunately, we cannot order copies of any article that we have in our print collection through the Wilkes InterLibrary Loan service. If you're unable to visit the Wilkes campus to use the article, you will have to order it through your local public library's InterLibrary Loan service.


Databases and Indexes

Databases & Indexes

Farley Library provides access to more than 130 online article indexes and databases. To search these databases off-campus, you will be required to log in with your Wilkes username and password (used for email, the portal, LIVE (D2L), etc.).

While some library databases, like JSTOR and Sage Journals, provide full-text access to every article they index, many library databases are intended to be used as tools to identify articles on a particular topic, regardless of whether full-text access is available inside the database. This a useful feature that is very important for graduate research, where you are expected to identify and use all key articles on a topic, not just the articles for which a database is able to provide full-text access. Farley Library provides a number of ways to get full-text access to useful articles.

Summon: Search the library for books, articles, newspapers, and more.

Search Summon



What is Summon?

Summon searches all library materials appropriate to college-level research simultaneously and ranks the results by relevance to your search terms. We call this type of research a "discovery search." Rather than repeating your search in several library databases for articles and the library catalog for books, you can do one search in Summon and receive results for all the articles, books, newspapers, reference sources, and more that we have on your topic. Whenever available, full text links appear on the search results page. Have questions about how to use Summon? A librarian will be happy to answer.