Who Can Use ILLiad?

Current Wilkes students, faculty, and staff. 

What can I order via ILLiad?

The vast majority of requests for books and articles will be filled. Requests are only denied rarely; for example when Wilkes has reached its yearly copyright limit of five articles from a single journal, or when only a few libraries own a book.

We will attempt to fill requests for DVDs, reference books, CD books, dissertations and theses, but delivery depends on the policies of the lending institution, and they may decline to send these items.

Requests for textbooks currently used in a Wilkes course will not be filled.

Can I order dissertations and theses?

Yes. Lending institutions agree to send dissertations and theses approximately 50% of the time, so ordering 3-4 different titles will increase your chances of having one delivered successfully. 

If you are exporting a dissertation or thesis record from EBSCO's ERIC database, please note that you will need to ensure that the dissertation title is listed in the book title field.  ERIC often exports "Proquest LLC" as the book title, and ILLiad will not be able to process a request formatted this way. 

Can I order textbooks?

Requests for textbooks currently used in a Wilkes course will not be filled.

Is there a charge for using ILLiad?

No, the University pays for all items ordered via ILLiad.

How do I register for ILLiad?

Click Register for ILLiad on the ILL homepage, and scroll down to the First Time Users button. You will prompted to create a username and enter contact information and your WIN number. You must use your Wilkes email address.

How do I order a book?

Click "Book" under the New Request menu on the left side of any page in ILLiad. Then enter your citation in the form. The more citation information you provide, the easier it will be to fill your request.

What do I do if my request is not filled?

If your request was not filled because we could not find a library willing to lend the item, you can resubmit the request, or Ask A Librarian to help you find substitute sources. We typically ask five libraries to lend us your item before rejecting your request, and we can continue to send requests to other libraries if you need a particular item.

If your request was not filled due to copyright limits, you can wait one year and request the article again, or Ask A Librarian to help you find substitute sources.

If your request was not filled because you ordered a textbook currently used in a Wilkes course, you can purchase a copy of the textbook at the campus bookstore.

Why did I get a notice saying that my request was not filled because we have reached our copyright limit for the year on this journal?

Wilkes is only allowed to order five articles per year from any journal in order to comply with copyright law. If you received this error message while ordering an article assigned to an entire class, please Ask A Librarian and give them your professor’s name, the course number, and the article citation.

How long does it take for a book to arrive?

The average length of time books take to arrive is 9 days, but there is a great deal of variation, with some books coming within 3-5 days and others taking up to a week. Factors that can influence the arrival time include the type of book, time of year, and the lending institution. If you need a book quickly, contact the ILL office for help in determining how long it will take to fill your request.

Wilkes students, staff, and faculty have direct borrowing privileges at Kings College, Misericordia University, LCCC, Marywood University, and the University of Scranton. Picking a book up from one of those schools yourself may be faster than using ILL. 

How long does it take for an article to arrive?

Most articles usually arrive within 2-4 working days.

Can I track the progress of my order?

Yes. Check the status column of the Outstanding Requests chart.

How do I pick up my book?

Visit the Circulation Desk during any of Farley Library’s open hours and ask for your book. You will be asked to sign a notice confirming receipt of the item.

Can I have a book delivered somewhere other than Farley Library?

No. Books can only be delivered to Farley Library and must be picked up here. If you are distance student, you will need to investigate your local public library's InterLibrary Loan service in order to have books to delivered to your location.

How do I retrieve my article?

Once you are notified via your Wilkes email address that your article has arrived, you can retrieve it by logging into ILLiad. The article will be listed in the “Outstanding Requests” table on the main page, and you can download it by clicking on the PDF link.

How long can I keep my book?

Books are typically loaned for one month, but the lending institution determines the exact loan period and individual items may vary. Check the slip that came with your book or click on the transaction record number that appears in the Outstanding Requests table in ILLiad to see the exact due date for your book.

How long does my article stay in ILLiad?

Articles remain uploaded to ILLiad for one month before they are deleted, so be sure to download and save your article within that time.

How do I renew my book?

You renew your book by clicking the "Renew" link in ILLiad during the last week of your loan period. You will not be able to renew your book once it is overdue.

Where do I return my book?

You can return your book in the Interlibrary Loan bin on the circulation desk during any of Farley Library’s open hours.

What happens if I don't return my book?

If you fail to return your book, you will lose borrowing privileges through both Farley Library and ILLiad until you either return the book or pay the replacement fee. Students’ accounts will also be blocked at the registrar. The fines are set by the lending library. They are typically between $100 and $150 per book, but may vary.

What if I forget my password?

You can reset your password by clicking Forgot Password? on the bottom left of the ILLiad logon screen.  Once you enter your username, a new password will be sent to your Wilkes email account.

Does my ILLiad password update automatically with my Wilkes User Account password?

No.  You can use the same user name and password for ILLiad that you use for your Wilkes User Account if you wish, but any changes that you make to your Wilkes password will not be reflected in ILLiad unless you reset your ILLiad password yourself.