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Pharmacy Resources

List of Research Articles and Sources on Structural Racism

Structural Racism in Employment Resources

Keywords and Search Terms to use:
Structural Racism AND employ* OR job* OR work* 


work* = work, workplace, working-class, work-related stress
employ* = employed, employee, employer, employment, etc
job* = job, jobs, job-related stress, etc 

Feel free to choose different/specific variations in your searches. The truncation allows for multiple variations to come up but sometimes you might want a specific term to come up in your search results. 

Structural Racism in Education Resources

structural racism AND
educat* OR school* OR universit*

Structural Racism in Housing/HomeOwnership

Key Words and Search Terms:

racial steering
structural racism

Structural Racism in Environmental Exposure to Pollution

structural racism AND
air pollution OR environ* OR asthma OR water pollut*

Structural Racism in Incarceration/Criminal Justice

structural racism or racial disparities AND
criminal justice or incarceration or capital punishment or prosecution or discrimination

Structural Racism in Medical Research

Keywords to use/Search Terms:

health equity
structural racism
health disparities
medical research
health inequities

Remember: Putting * will bring up variations of that word. Health disparit* = health disparity, health disparities etc

Resources on Search Terms and Definitions

Possible Search Terms: 
United States policy / policies
health equity
legal epidemiology

11 terms you should know to better understand structural racism

Key Concepts and Definitions in understanding science and perception: Recent research in psychology, neuroscience, and the social sciences has made huge strides in understanding how automatic processes in the brain shape our perceptions, our actions and our decision-making. Research also gives us insights into how we can override our biases to bring them more in line with our conscious values.


Structural Racism in Law Resources

Projects - Class of 2023