Copyright: Best Practices for Online Education

A Libguide to inform faculty about copyright

Linking to Licensed Resources

Linking to articles available as licensed resources from the Farley Library databases will avoid many copyright problems.  If the needed resources are available via Farley Library, instructors should create a durable link to those resources.  Durable links are also called permalinks, stable links, and persistent links.

Most Library database will have an tool function to enable saving the article's ULR as a durable link (permalink) for embedding into D2L.   For example in an EbschoHost database:

Requesting Permission

It is the responsibility of faculty to identify the copyright holder and secure written permission to use copyrighted materials outside of the "fair use" provision.  Most permissions are done through email, and sample permission letters are available from the Copyright Crash Course and Columbia'a Copyright Advisory Office.

Purchasing Copyright Permission

If the needed resources are not available via Farley Library, instructors should consider using  Copyright Clearance Center  to purchase the rights to use materials.  However, be aware that the purchase cost does not include access to an article, but only the permission to use the article in the purchased situation. Instructors may need to use interlibrary loan to get a copy of an articles, and then purchase permission.


Using Streaming Media

The best way to transmit film media in D2L in order to be in compliance with the TEACH Act is with the use of streaming.  Use the Panopto link found in LIVE courses tool bar.