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This Libguide will direct to useful and needed resources for your Eng 101 research assignment.

Library Research Assignment:

Your research assignment is to locate scholarly resources in support of your selected research topic.  Review your Eng 101 Research Assignment handout and then select one of four potential topics to research:

  • Research Topic One:  Pick a current controversial social issue and address the benefits and/or drawbacks as society resolves this issue.  Or as your handout states : "what's being lost and what's being gained?".  Examples include Global Warming, Health Care Reform.
  • Research Topic Two:  Is Moral Progress dead in contemporary America? Historically our society has tried to advanced Moral Progress using universal suffrage (voting) , Great Society programs (1960's civil rights), and others.  Are we still Morally Progressing?
  • Research Topic Three:  What is Consumer Culture doing to us?  Media bombards audiences with "ideals" of body image, life style choices, and purchases.  To what effect?  Should probably limit to a certain group of consumers, such as women or children.
  • Research Topic Four:  Meaning of historical events using Primary Sources.  Your handout lists several historical figures (Frankl, Thoreau, King). Select one to research using Primary Sources.


Remember to frame your paper's points within the context of Delbanco's "Real American Dream".


Summon: Search the library for books, articles, newspapers, and more.

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What is Summon?

Summon searches all library materials appropriate to college-level research simultaneously and ranks the results by relevance to your search terms. We call this type of research a "discovery search." Rather than repeating your search in several library databases for articles and the library catalog for books, you can do one search in Summon and receive results for all the articles, books, newspapers, reference sources, and more that we have on your topic. Whenever available, full text links appear on the search results page. Have questions about how to use Summon? A librarian will be happy to answer.

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