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Early English Books on Microfilm: Home

Instructions for using Early English Books at Wilkes University. Microfilm full text of books included in Pollard & Redgrave and Wing' s Short Title Catalogues.

Early English Books

Early English Books is a microfilmed set of full text of most of the books published in England from 1475 to 1700. This is a great resource for primary texts from this period, since many of these books have not been digitized by free services. Finding and using relevant books is a multi-step procedure - this guide is intended to clarify how the process works at Wilkes. Use the tabs at the top to navigate to the right page for instructions. 

Pollard & Redgrave vs. Wing

Early English books were microfilmed and indexed in two stages, which are named for the indexers. The catalogues, indexes, and microfilm are all kept separately, so it is essential to know which you are working with at every step of this process. Also note that our sets are incomplete. 

1. Pollard and Redgrave - 1475 - 1640

  • Reels 1 - 1674

2. Wing - 1641-1700

  • Reels 1 - 780, 963

Early English Books vs. English Short Title Catalogue

Early English Books is included in a Union Catalog known as the English Short Title Catalogue (ESTC). ESTC includes many other works, including ephemera and pamphlets dating to 1800. 

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